Business Continuity Tip--Internet of Unsecure Things

Business Continuity Tip
Internet of Unsecure Things

How do cybercriminals use the Internet of Things against us? While IoT can improve our lives with convenience and connectedness, it also poses security risks like:
  • Botnets (an army of compromised devices)
  • Espionage (e.g. hijacking the camera/microphone of an internet-connected device)
  • Physical destruction (e.g. hacking a device to overrule safety measures of machinery)
  • Mortal danger (physical destruction could be fatal, as well compromised cardiac devices)
How can you secure your smart devices?
  • Update default passwords that come with devices.
  • Enable automatic updates to get immediate security patches.
  • Edit default privacy settings to lock down your data.
  • Disable unnecessary features.
  • Research products and purchase devices built with security in mind.   |  605.348.6529  |  1-800-529-0111