Cyber attacks are on the rise. Small businesses that fall victim experience not only a loss of revenue, but damage to their reputation, as well. Legal costs and other measures can add up. Fortunately, taking a proactive approach can help prevent you from falling prey to a cyber attack — or lessen the damage if you do.

One of the most challenging and costliest business expenditures involves technology and IT, but it’s a crucial spend. Expenditures vary by organization, but there are some benchmarks you can use to help determine a budget that will provide you with the tools you need.

Cybercrime is exploding and everyone is vulnerable. While cyber insurance won't reduce your risk, it will offer peace of mind in the event of a security breach. Purchasing coverage is a proactive way to prepare for the worst even while hoping for the best.

The internet changed our lives. With information on virtually every topic under the sun now at our fingertips, it gave us the confidence to ditch our encyclopedias and reference manuals. Productivity shot up — and, over time, we began relying on the internet for more and more of our daily functions and responsibilities.

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