Technology Projects

Get the help you need to complete technology projects on time and on budget, so your organization can succeed. From server installs and storage upgrades to telephone systems, partner with Golden West Technologies to achieve your technology goals for optimum performance.  

Complete tech projects
time & on budget.

Working technology projects into the everyday workflow can be challenging for internal IT departments with growing demands. That makes it difficult to implement projects on schedule and within planned costs. Yet organizations rely on technology more and more to succeed. 

Let Golden West Technologies help with your next tech refresh or information system development. With our guidance, you can achieve the results you envisioned, when you need them, well-communicated, and at the cost you expected.  

From technology projects like server installs and storage upgrades to access control and video surveillance installation, Golden West Technologies can do it and everything in between. We help you achieve your technology implementation goals so that you can better serve your customers and your community with what you do best.

With nearly 40 years of experience, we know how to maximize technology. We also know how to complete successful projects and what products work best for your organization. We have the expertise and framework to drive success with an emphasis on communication. 

Clear, Consistent, and Frequent Communication

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“Crook County School District works with content level experts at Golden West for our needsWe find they are responsive, well-trained, and cordial. During the 10 years we have partnered with them we have worked through a vast number of difficult and time sensitive issues. We owe a great deal of the resolutions to the Golden West team and their availability to work with us to resolve them.” 

Janel Williams, Tech Coordinator 
Crook County School District #1 
Sundance, WY