From managed IT services to unified solutions, we take a strategic approach to ensure all
your needs are met. It’s about productivity and peace of mind.

Partner, Protect, Prevail with Us

Managed IT Services

Quit reacting to IT issues and let Golden West Technologies guide you to plan proactively. Our Managed IT Services help ensure a safe, secure, productive, and profitable future for your organization. We work alongside businesses to align IT objectives with overall business goals.

Managed ISP Services

With cost-effective, white-label solutions for technical support, email hosting, compliance issues, and more, Internet Service Providers like you can focus your attention elsewhere. Giving your customers the best of everything leads to a better online experience, while simultaneously reducing overhead costs.

Technology Projects

Get the help you need to complete technology projects on time and on budget, so your organization can succeed. From server installs and storage upgrades to telephone systems, partner with Golden West Technologies to achieve your technology goals for optimum performance.

Unified Technology Solutions

Today’s connected world calls for unified solutions that work together to improve productivity, communication, safety, and more. Whether it is solutions for technology, communication, or physical security, consolidated solutions that can adapt and evolve alongside your organization are key.

Additional Services

Today’s demanding world calls for integrated solutions and proactive planning. Golden West Technologies offer a whole host of products and services to fill your needs.

Technology today doesn’t just need to work. It needs to work together with other technology. It must also be secure to safeguard your business data and offer a return on investment. We partner with you to protect your data, so your organization can prevail.

Cyber Attacks Impact More Than Just Your Bottom Line

Common cyber attacks have names that sound like they were lifted from action flicks. From man-in-the-middle attacks to zero-day exploits, cybercriminals employ numerous tactics to gain access to your data. When successful, you may pay a steep price. You may not have...

What is the true cost of IT and how much should I spend? 

Purchasing and maintaining technology and IT for an organization can be among the most costly and challenging business expenditures you’ll face. Yet, it’s a crucial spend. From streamlining operations and improving productivity to driving revenue growth, IT adds...

“There are no surprises. I get a quote and then I’ll get an invoice. I know that if I go back to my quarterly report, we already talked about this, and it’s also already in the budget. As an auditor, that’s a great reference tool. It doesn’t make sense to pay an employee to be here every day. We’re not that big, and we have Golden West.”

Diane Murtha, Auditor
Hutchinson County 
Olivet, SD