Unified Technology Solutions

Today’s connected world calls for unified solutions that work together to improve productivity,
communication, safety, and more. Whether it is solutions for technology, communications, or
physical security, consolidated solutions that can adapt and evolve alongside your organization are key.

Make sure your solutions work together. 

Does your voicemail connect to your email? Can your team members work from anywhere without missing a beat? Is your security system connected to your communication methods? These are just a few examples of a unified solution, or something that solves a problem by making sure that all pieces work together.

Golden West provides unified solutions, also known as integrated product offerings, for technology, business communications, and physical security. A unified technology solution consolidates technology systems and applications into a single platform, improving communication, collaboration, productivity, customer experience, data management, and scalability. The solution delivers a streamlined workflow
and improves organizational performance.

Unified business communications bring all the ways your organization communicates together for seamless, operational efficiencies and reduced costs. Businesses large and small can have email, instant messaging, voice, remote access, video conferencing, fax, mobile, and more communication methods that all work together. Unified business communication improves communication, offers flexibility for working on any device in any location, saves costs, and provides scalability and security.

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“There are no surprises. I get a quote and then I’ll get an invoice. I know that if I go back to my quarterly report, we already talked about this, and it’s also already in the budget. As an auditor, that’s a great reference tool. It doesn’t make sense to pay an employee to be here every day. We’re not that big, and we have Golden West.”

Diane Murtha, Auditor
Hutchinson County 
Olivet, SD