The Evolution of the Internet-Globalization and Standardization and Why You Should Care Presented by John Hohn, Pete Lien & Sons

January 19, 2018| 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm | Rushmore Plaza Civic Center | Rapid City, SD

It is hard to imagine a time that we lived without being “connected”. Over the past few decades the world has catapulted from rudimentary communication to highly sophisticated super systems that share endless amounts of information. Today organizations have put systems in place that strive to make the internet a resource for all people of the globe. These systems provide us the ability to exchange information with people across town just as easily as another continent. As the internet evolves we welcome a new era of internationalized access to resources that create equity in access however this also introduces a new degree of cyber security concerns. Name spaces like президент.рф and JP納豆.例.jp give cyber-attackers a seemly endless platform to attempt to compromise systems and users. This session will explore the evolution of internet standardization and supply valuable knowledge to help you increase your cyber security awareness.

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